Mason Jar Lamp Shades

These fun lampshades are so adorable!  Paper shades are very versatile and can be used for all sorts of events. They could be centerpieces or used on serving tables.  BBQs, wedding receptions, casual or formal dinners, inside or out... you can use whatever paper you like to fit your event and your theme.  Tea light candles fit perfectly inside and you can either light them or use battery operated tea lights.  The dollar store usually carries the battery operated ones.

The red would be great at a bbq or a patriotic themed event!


This was .05 clearance vellum.  You can see how I punched heart shaped holes in these ones.
 I love these funny shaped jars, and the shades fit perfectly on them as well!


This is a simple but romantic paper shade.  I can picture these at a wedding reception, romantic dinner or on a tray full of breakfast.  Beautiful!


~When you light the candle inside it will shine through the paper, which means be aware of things like bar codes on the back of your paper.
~The more sheer your paper is, the more the light will shine through, but they make an impact either way.
~I just used the super cheap Ikea wine glasses we use to drink out of on "fancy" occasions.  I don't see a need to buy glasses just for this project, use what you have, unless you are going to be drinking out of your wine glasses at the same event, but that may be stemmed glassware overkill.
~You can use votive candles, but keep the wick trimmed very short.  When the melted wax cools it can be popped right out of the glass.
~You can get one shade from 8 1/2 x 11 paper or two from 12 x 12 paper.  Print the pattern onto paper or cardstock and trace.

Click on the pic to enlarge, right click to save and print :)