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Holy Socks to Fingerless Gloves

Sometimes you have a pair of socks you really love and you don't want to throw them away even if they get holes in them.  That was me with this pair of striped knee socks.  I've had them for years and even after there were holes in both socks I couldn't part with them!

I decided to get out a pair of scissors and make them fingerless gloves!  Just a couple cuts and they're ready to go!  They are adorable and now I still get to wear my favorite "socks" as often as I want!   I see cute knee high socks on clearance all the time.  You don't even need to wait for your socks to wear out in order to do this craft... just find a cute pair of socks you want to wear on your arms, cut the feet off, cut a small circle for your thumb near the part that was the top of the sock and that's it!  Fingerless gloves!  They're perfect for wearing out under a coat or even around the house.